Ayurveda, or the Science of right living, is a traditional Indian system of Vedic medicine, as well as an ancient  philosophy.

Today Ayurveda doctors are specialists with higher education in the field of “Ayurveda”. This field of medicine is recognized around the world.

According to Ayurveda, a person is healthy when all three life forces – doshas – are balanced:

  • Vata (ether and air) – pulse principle, responsible for the nervous system,
  • Pitta (fire and water) – the functioning of the venous system and metabolism,
  • Kapha (water and earth) – the principle of body fluids.

Specialists in Ayurveda search for exciting cause of all diseases in the human body  in disequilibrium of elements in the organism, which  is  the lack of stability of the body. By defining a weakened dosha doctor finds the cause of  the other problems.


Knowing  the state of the doshas  is the same as understanding what your immune system is like, whether your body is able to resist infections. The doctor will tell you what is necessary to do or to change to strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body.

A certain ratio of doshas at birth determines Prakriti, which is a propensity for certain diseases. getting to know own Prakriti, you receive information about the strengths and weaknesses of your body, which will help you to prevent illness by  prevention procedures.

The main and most popular Ayurvedic therapy today is Panchakarma, which includes:

  • massage,
  • diet,
  • the use of herbs,
  • baths.


Oil massage – abhyanga – has an effect on the whole body. It relaxes, soothes, relieves pain, cleanses the body.

According to Ayurveda, taste of food and herbs has affect on physiological processes. For example, spicy food stimulates, reduces weight. The doctor will create an individual diet for you, that will help to clean the body and improve the state of health.

Pancharakarma  is also known as a rejuvenation therapy.

We also offer Ayurveda tours: trips to the most important Buddhist temples. The ideal way to find harmony and to understand yourself.

Moreover,  in the Kandy Viharaya temple a Buddhist monk will  cast a horoscope personally for you. You’ll find out  what to expect in future, what to do to improve business and even more. A professional astrologer will help you to protect yourself from mistakes.

We can organize for you  a consultation with a specialist in Ayurveda. Or, if you prefer, massage, baths.

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