Bungalow is a guest house near the sea. You can book a room here, where you can live during the stay in Sri Lanka. The advantages of bungalows are low prices, convenient location – close to most places of interest.

The bunglaws are situated in Beruwala, in Western Province of Sri Lanka. Beruwala is a starting point of the 130 km long beach. In the past few years great strides have been made in the field of resort development in this area. The bay around remains ideal for bathing for the whole year.

Bangolow № 1 is 100 meters away from the beach. One-storeyed.

  • BB A/C = $ 45
  • BB non A/C =$ 35

There are 2 A/C rooms and 1 non A/C room.

Bungalow № 2 is 150 meters away from the beach. Two-storeyed.

  • BB  A/C =$ 40
  • BB  non  A/C =$ 35

There are 5 A/C and 5 non A/C rooms.

Book a room one month before arrival day.

To book a room, contact me: